The Royal Dublin Society, 24th March 2017

“Having women at all leadership levels makes good business sense and there are plenty of highly skilled, talented women ready to take on those roles.

I want to help them to find the the path to the boardroom.  Join us at the Planet Woman Academy!” – Norah Casey

2017/03/24 09:00:00

“I loved it. It was very inspiring to hear the stories of the successful women and there were some fabulous comedy moments too! :-)” – Helen Curran

“Excellent. Great speakers came away very motivated” – Mary Crotty

“Excellent, laughed, cried and wanted to jump off my seat to shout ‘that’s me’!!” – Naomi Fitzgibbon

“An inspirational day! Wonderful panel of speakers with amazing stories and suggestions. I loved it!!” – Fiona Monaghan 

“Very Enjoyable, excellent networking opportunity” –Niamh Cray 

“Inspiring!!!” – Gillian Rutledge 

“Very inspiring day – great to hear so many women talk about their journey and tips for success. Came away feeling very inspired to make changes in my day to day work environment.” – Audrey Murray

“Loved it and will be back again next year”  – Ali Doyle

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